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Growth in Vaul's Anvil
Oct 19, 10 7:19 PM
Vaul's Anvil Heraldry Revealed!
Jul 8, 10 8:58 AM
Happy Anniversary, Vaul's Anvil!
Mar 12, 10 11:45 PM
The Badlands
Dec 3, 09 12:07 AM
The WAR Alliance
Oct 2, 09 10:41 AM
F.A.Q. and Lore
We are an all elf guild that enjoys role-playing.  We are a member of what is to my knowledge the only role-playing alliance in the Warhammer Online community, The Phoenix Crown Alliance,  and our home server is called Badlands.

We started out on the Phoenix Throne server and we've been playing the game, off and on, since release.  Currently there are only a handful of us left who play, but we really enjoy the game and have formed some strong relationships with our alliance members. 

We play almost exclusively in Tier 4 but would welcome anyone who appreciates Warhammer lore and is looking to enjoy their time spent in the Warhammer Online community.

~Elhothyl Redfern

"Our enemies wish us to despair, to ask of what use our ancient forges will serve if there be no new dragon riders to outfit." A new voice chimed in. "The will of the High Elves is adamant, and the strength of many nations have journeyed here to fight alongside the Shining Guard. If Vaul's Anvil has fallen we will wrest it from the grasp of our dark kin. Then shall the Dragonhorn sound through Caledor once more, calling the Dragons from their slumber!" The eager words were spoken with the assured arrogance of a Prince of Caledor.

"And what if we fight through to your beloved Caledor and find our cousins have slain the last of the Dragons, Endhil? What then?"

The young Prince considered the question but for a moment before replying. "I do not believe our greedy kin will have been granted the time needed to discover all of the secret places within Caledor. Should such an unlikely event come to pass, I shall beg the commander to allow my brothers to outfit themselves as they see fit from whatever armor remains in the secret places, and we shall set our horses toward the coast."

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